Wastrels Find a Home

Text & narration by Kate Bernheimer
Drawings and animation by Noah Saterstrom

Project Description: Wastrels Find a Home is a hybrid of high and low technology, using entirely hand-drawn images with grease pencil and a home scanner, and formatted frame by frame in Flash. The drawings and animation are by Noah Saterstrom ( with text and voiceover by Kate Bernheimer. The “Wastrels” are characters in an on-going series of drawings and paintings by Saterstrom, following the mythic misadventures of two marooned children exploring the lands in which they have been forgotten. In this animation, the two have found a home, such as it is, and ask questions of belonging and survival and when the world will end. Wastrels Find a Home is the first of a series of collaborative Wastrels animations.

You can watch Wastrels Find a Home here:

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