The Punk’s Bride

Just in time for Halloween, Kate has published a brand new short story for The Masters Review‘s “Scary Stories” month. You can read “The Punk’s Bride” here. Kate’s story is based on the awesome Brothers Grimm tale “The Hare’s Bride.” In her author comment Kate says, “Fiction is my way of doing punk rock: I can’t sing so I do fairy tales—generally weird, sad, and violent ones.” (The Masters Review also just gave How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales a great review.)

The New York Times

In the opening paragraph of a review for The New York Times (of Jean Thompson’s The Witch: And Other Tales Retold), author and critic Laura Miller refers to Kate’s body of work in a beautiful context: “The practice of retelling fairy tales in the form of literary fiction is, if not quite hallowed, certainly established. The great Angela Carter’s revelatory 1979 story collection, The Bloody Chamber — a brocaded work of heady sensuality, intelligence and violence — remains the benchmark, but Kate Bernheimer’s Fairy Tale Review and the several excellent Bernheimer-edited anthologies spun off from it carry the standard forward.” You can read Miller’s review here.

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